We ROCKED our first dance!!!
Our one uncle even said he's been to 100 weddings and our dance was by far the best he's ever seen! Thank you for all of your help... I think it was my favorite part of the whole day!!!

Rubi works some kind of Disney brand magic on couples for their first dance! 

Thank You! Our first dance was awesome. We were able to be in the moment, relaxed and comfortable instead of worrying about which step was next.  It came so naturally.  Kevin's mother was STUNNED, that he knew how to dance! I even got him to dance to other songs!

That actually wasn't bad.
(quote from a groom)

We only had time to fit in two lessons, but Rubi made sure to teach us everything we needed to know in that short time.

Rubi helped us find our own style and never tried to make us fit an uncomfortable mold. She made us feel relaxed and most importantly reminded us that our first dance was a moment for us, not for the audience.

We are not a couple that likes to be in the spotlight, so we had a lot of nerves going in to our first dance. But when we stepped on the dance floor we were able to relax and enjoy ourselves, thanks to Rubi!

If you're even considering taking lessons for your first dance - DO IT! And if you want it done right - contact Rubi. Our dance may very well have ended up being my favorite part of the entire day, and lessons favorite part of the planning :)

RUBI! We rocked our first dance! We were so excited that we jumped up and down and high fived at the end ... thank you so much for giving us the confidence we needed to really enjoy ourselves!





Personalized instruction for the wedding couple, father & daughter, mother & son,
bridal party dances, or a special dance for any celebration event. 



Look forward
to your wedding dance...


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I have been teaching couples how to dance for their special day since 2008, and the biggest thing I've learned is that no two couples are alike!  Whether you'd like basic skills to feel a little fancy, or you really want to wow your guests; whether you are the parents of the groom looking to rock out at the reception, or a father wanting to create a special dance with your daughter for her big day - I've done it all.  I truly love to find the dancer in anybody, and to bring out the confidence needed in order to relax, enjoy, and move to the beat.  


My goal is to create an environment in which you can learn to comfortably dance with each other, choreographed or improvised. I teach out of my private studio in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia so there's never anyone to compare yourselves to, which in turn means no pressure. Each lesson is personalized to exactly what you're looking for, and there are no rules that can't be broken.


Please visit my contact page and get in touch – Let me help make your first dance a highlight of your wedding day for your guests and yourselves.